I am coming home!


It has been a grand 4 weeks Singapore! Tomorrow, I fly back to the Philippines.

Must say I welcome this development with mixed feelings. The original plan was to stay in Singapore for a while until my work visa for (random Asian country) has been approved but obviously that didn’t pan out well. Nevertheless, I am happy to be heading back.

I’ll update my entries for 2013 Challenge (which I am über delayed already) once I am settled. Most probably by this weekend. A lot of catching up for me!

Kittens vs Ninjas AKA the cutest action scenes ever

Corridor Digital creates this highly engaging music video for Norwegian dubstep artist Aleksander Vinter (aka “Savant“). The song “Widlstyle” is actually pretty neat but the real gem of this video is of course the cute kitties Roto (gray) and Bowie (black)!

And don’t forget to watch the equally adorable BONUS VID!



Meet the Powerpuff Avengers!

Buttercup is my favorite Powerpuff Girl. Not a fan of The Hulk but I agree with some of the comments on iO9 that the character is better matched with Buttercup than Iron Man because they both have rage issues.

Video and featured image by Irosyan. Check out Irosyan’s tumblr for more Powerpuff Avenger goodness.

Here’s to one year of being gallbladder free!

Yep, it’s been one year since I underwent cholecystectomy and a year and a day since my ERCP – a literally mind-numbing medical emergency. Deliriously happy to note that I am a-ok and adjusting very well. Prior to having the surgery, I was worried that I might be part of the percentage who developed complications but I had no such thing. So in celebration, I bought a chocolate mousse cake which me and my family ate together during dinner. We sharing a meal together at home seems like a once in a blue moon occurrence now so that makes today even more special.

photo (5)

Explored Gardens by the Bay…finally!

Yesterday I met up with Yaone, a friend I knew from Twitter. She said she got some angpao recently so she promised to treat me out. Hooray for people who share their blessings 🙂

We were supposed to have a snack at SEVENTH HEAVEN, an ice cream shop but lo and behold, they already ran out of ice cream when we got there. And to think I was already looking forward to devouring this:

SEVENTH HEAVEN’s THE MATRIX (photo courtesy of curiosityfillsthecat.blogspot.sg)

We went to Bakerzin instead, a shop that specializes in desserts. Lately I’ve been craving for waffles so I ordered their Warm Waffle with Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Strawberry Drizzle.

To be quite honest, the waffle was a bit of a letdown. The waffles were warm alright and crispy. The ice cream though, which I supposed jacked up the price, was not something worth writing home about. It made me miss even more the waffles sold off sidewalks in Seoul. Yaone, on the other hand, tried their Irish Cream Souffle and she said it was very delicious.

After food and conversation, we were off to exploring! The surrounding gardens requires no fee but tickets are required for the Super Trees, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Since it’s already night time, we opted to just visit the Flower Dome. Lucky for us, the lady at the ticker counter gave us these fancy angpao envelopes in celebration of the Chinese New Year!

Flower Dome was huge! Curiously though, plants with just leaves outnumbered those with flowers. Must be the season or something. There were about two floors. The first floor houses the plants from daisies to hibiscus to roses to so much more while the second floor featured cactus and African trees.

And then, just as we were leaving Gardens by the Bay, we were greeted with this sight:

photo 3(1)

Yes, that is a giant baby suspended in mid-air.

Actually, it’s a massive white-painted bronze and steel sculpture by British artist Marc Quinn. Named Planet, the sculpture has been donated for permanent display at the Gardens by Mr and Mrs Putra and Imelda Masagung. According to an article from Huffington Post,Planet is one of Marc Quinn’s most important works. The sculpture, which is a depiction of the artist’s infant son, appears to float above the ground and is a technical tour-de-force. It has been shown internationally to great acclaim in the Beyond Limitsexhibition of contemporary sculpture at Chatsworth House in 2008, and in the exhibition The Littoral Zone at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco in 2012.”

With that, seems a day trip to Gardens by the Bay is in order. Until the next adventure!

The walk of shame

As mentioned it my previous post, I took a liking to taking long walks and since the surrounding area of my brother’s apartment building is very much conducive for such an activity, I take advantage of it every morning I can. Today was no exception. Brisk walked for only an hour but it was already enough for me to witness the changing hues of Singapore’s sky.

photo 3There were numerous others too who started their day by doing some form of exercise. What struck me the most are the senior citizens who I encounter jogging every time. Some of them must be in their seventies already but they look as if they can outrun me any moment. Even more admirable were the groups of grannies and granddaddies who do aerobics at Harmony Hub, a sort of activity area nearby. And last week, I spied an old lady doing some sort of sword dance. I really wished I could have taken a stolen shot but I was wary of that sword heading by my direction. Anyway, I really can’t help but feel embarrassed when they pass me looking tired and harassed while they’re in the pink of health with nary any sweat.

I remember that time too when I was bushwalking in the Blue Mountains. The finale was climbing The Giant Stairway which leads to the famous Three Sisters rock formation. I wasn’t even at the quarter of the 800 steps needed to ascend to the top yet my heart already felt as if it’s going to burst out of my chest and there was literally pounding in my ears. Just as I was to give up, two children between the ages of 7 to 10 ran past me. Yes, kids left me biting the dust. I was embolden by them though so eventually, I reached the top albeit looking like a hag.

Needless to say, I should definitely get into exercising really soon. Heck I should have done it years ago. I don’t want to end up in the future being the proverbial old lady who just spend her time knitting while being surrounded by her army of cats. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s not just me. When I become a septuagenarian, I still want to be out there punching life in the face… with my army of pandas.