The prequel

Another year, another attempt to get into blogging.

To think just two months ago, I was hell-bent on launching a personal blog and reviving my film-centric one. I even initiated a blogging challenge just to further motivate me but surprise, surprise that ended up being a huge flop.

Thankfully, time itself has thrown a second chance at me. The Lunar New Year is right around the corner and as the moon is my likelier ally than the sun, I reckon now is a more auspicious moment for me to start over.

I’m also on my way out already of the hole I had burrowed in way back in October when I started my so-called sabbatical. My days of being a couch potato is now numbered. Case in point, I have bid good-bye to my prime spot in front of the telly in Bulacan in favor of marveling at the changing hues of Singapore’s skyline.


View from my brother’s balcony. Due to proximity to Changi, airplanes are a common sight although curiously, just clear blue skies right now.

But this is just a detour. In the next few weeks, a lot of changes in my life will unfold. I’m apprehensive and scared at the same time but what the heck. I’m ready to take on life’s challenges once again.

This time, I swear things will be different. I will be different. Reinvention will be my game and metamorphosis, my prize.

New job. New culture. New environment. New me.

Let the adventure begins!


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