Challenge accepted!

Greetings from gray and gloomy Singapore!

It has been nothing but strong sunshine ever since we arrived 6 days ago but now the Merlion had decided to give us a taste of overcast skies and puddled pathways.

photo (3)

the silver shining

We were supposed to go shopping today but since the condition outside practically screams “BED WEATHER!”, we just stayed at home. ‘Tis fine by me because it gave me time to tinker with this blog some more and catch up with my emails.

Lo and behold, I got 2 blogging challenges from my friends. The first of which was from my college buddy Arlene who has bestowed upon the so-called Liebster Award (more on this come next post). The second was from Sketchy, my cohort from the “doomed” Sketching Dots: 30 Day Blogging Challenge. She proposed a more practical and schedule-friendly approach: one entry per week. The only catch is that the challenge will run until December. Hmn.

Let's get it on!

Let’s get it on!

Well as the title of this post suggests, I have decided to take on both challenges. I say, bring it bitches! (not you friends).

So to all of my co-challengers, good luck our way!


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