2013 Challenge: Things I want to do this year

This new year, there is nothing I would want more than to accomplish these 2 goals: 1) be more financially responsible and 2) get into healthy living. I figured that if I’m able to successfully achieve those, then everything else would follow. Like enjoying more perks in life, for example.

My first goal concerns financial stability because all these years I’ve focused on the now. Since I am getting much older, it’s just about time that I concern myself with the future. Actually, come to think of it, I am already late. Nevertheless, I’m more determined now more than ever to save up. I commit also to be more wiser in my spending. It’s something that I’ve been trying to implement since last year. There was a time when I would immediately pounce on say, a limited edition first press CD, but I’ve come to learn how to temper the urge. What I do is give myself a time frame. If the item is still available by the appointed time, then I would consider buying it. But only after I’ve asked myself a dozen times if indeed I can’t live with that certain item not in my grasp. Another thing, I’ll be more wary as well of those seemingly innocent small amount spending that takes out a huge chunk in my wallet when accumulated. For example, giving in to emotional eating by buying a stick of Magnum ice cream. At just 50 bucks, it’s hardly a luxury but if I do that everyday, or even every other day, the liability is catastrophic.

That last situation is also somewhat connected to my 2nd goal: to get into healthy living. I seriously need to be more mindful of what I eat and get into exercising pronto. When I said good-bye to my gallbladder last year, the doctors warned me that I am now more prone to disorders, specifically those in relation to my liver and kidneys. This is why for months, I’ve expelled caffeine, junk food, pork and even dairy products on my diet. But eventually, I just had to give in. This time, I don’t want to eradicate all the good stuff but more of taking them in moderation. Even better, offsetting or rather, balancing it out with proper exercise. Ah exercise. What an alien concept to me. To be honest, I’ve never set foot on a gym before. And the last time I actually exercised was way back in college when I was still in varsity. I do like talking long walks though up to now. Does that count? Oh well. The city I’m moving into is famous for its traffic. Perhaps I should just jog my way to the office. Haha. Either that or kickboxing. Finally.


7 thoughts on “2013 Challenge: Things I want to do this year

  1. “Ah exercise. What an alien concept to me.” <— THIS! Ganbatte Kenry! I hope you too will achieve your goals for this year. Since you've already made an effort, I don't think it will be too much trouble as long as you keep holding on. I'll cheer for you!

    • Sankyuu!

      May we all achieve our goals this year.

      Ah I see you’ve moved your Sketching Dots entries to your new blog. Excellent. Actually considering doing the same thing. But really, I’m considering no longer pushing through with it. I dunno. Oh well. As Sketchy said, FIGHTO!

  2. D: exercise is alien to me as well. we both share the same “things to achieve list” hahaha! i eliminated carbs completely once because i wanted to lose weight – it happened, but when i started eating carbs again after my surgery, i gained more weight. so i also learnt that it’s time to diet the right way and exercise (it pains me to say this)….. my legs itches really hard whenever i jog so i always stop halfway and give up the next day.

    how far is your new workplace from the place you stay? :3

    XD we’re in this together!!! ❤ fighto!

    • Isn’t this uncanny considering we kinda have the same milestones for 2012? Hahaha.

      I still don’t know yet. The company will book me in a hotel for 2 weeks then after that I have to find a place of my own. Will definitely look for a strategic AND budget-friendly place. But I’m really so excited to attempt some interior designing and such.

      Ganbate! Fighto to the heavens!!

  3. There’s a saying in res that goes, “First year spread, second year shed.” I’m trying my best to make do on that second part…though I was lucky enough not to have gained weight. I did however not do exercise for the whole of first year which is shameful because the gym is literally right next door to my res! So this year I joined and I’m trying to go as often as possible instead of sitting in my room watching series all day lol. Being healthy is a good goal for the year…I’m also trying to implement it in terms of food which is hard staying in res and not having the option of really picking your meals. But it’s all about willpower! And turning those little things into habits! Which is what I keep telling myself when I say no to ice cream and bacon and eggs on Sundays, lol. (T^T)

    P.S I’m also trying not to spend as much…..well, not as much of my mom’s money at least, lol.

    • Saying NO to bacon? Especially when it comes with eggs?! Sure needs a lot of willpower, ne? Hahaha

      But I like what you said about it starts with the little things. Achieving both my goals for the year are really dependent on winning those little battles. Good luck on yours to!

      Here’s to positivity!

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