“Without the doing, dreaming is useless”


I came across this video two days ago yet it in my mind, it still lingers.

What an engaging presentation by artist Rilla Alexander. She spoke with passion and in a very engaging manner. Furthermore, the visuals she used were fascinating. But the thing that drew me the most was her message.

She spoke gospel truth to me.

Her talk reminded me of all those times when I failed to translate ideas to action, of dreams that stayed dreams because I never took the first step in making them a reality. Sometimes, I do manage to take a shot at something but end up prioritizing another. Distractions abound and excuses are aplenty. And so the dream slinks deeper and deeper into the backseat until it becomes a loving memory, if not a faint wisp.

Then there is also this debilitating affliction called “self-doubt”. Rilla was right in describing it as ‘crippling’. Self-doubt shatters our ability to move forward via the extreme weight of our insecurities. But as Rilla also stressed, the key is to never give up and to keep on believing in one’s self.

“But I don’t give up.  I don’t abandon this one, I don’t cripple it with self-doubt.  I just keep working.  I work so hard that I’m prepared to defend it.  But I still do listen to the feedback that other people give me, and I make changes depending on the critique.  Actually sharing is part of the process, and I don’t even need to get feedback from people, because it’s how I feel.  If I know that I’m not 100% proud, it means that there’s something I can still fix.”

I will have a book published in time. And who knows, if I worked hard enough, perhaps the Rilla Alexander would even illustrate it. All in due time.


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