Turning Javanese

Just got my visa today so it’s definitely all systems go. Moving to Jakarta in a few days!

And yes I know my title is politically incorrect since it’s not Java, Indonesia I’m moving to but I just can’t help using the pun. In an alternate universe, that would literally be “Turning Japanese”.

Anyway, I’ve actually never been to Jakarta or anywhere in Indonesia for that matter. But now I’m to stay there for at least a year. Exciting times ahead!

All I know about Jakarta at this point are the following: it is one of the largest economies in Asia, traffic there is as bad (or maybe even worse?) than that of Manila, the country has strong historical ties to the Netherlands (hey Desi!), jrock is huge there (hello #LarukuJKT!) and their cuisine is absolutely fantastic! And have I already mentioned that jrock there is HUGE? Perhaps next time, my voice would be among the thousands who was jamming along to this song:



4 thoughts on “Turning Javanese

  1. Wow, it’s a dream to go there one day to see where my roots are. I really hope this new adventure is amazing for you. Nerissa, you really are one of the strongest and most adventurous people I got the pleasure of knowing! Good luck dear! You’ll do great. Keep us posted!

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