Oh would you look at that. It’s been almost a year since I’ve jotted down something on this space. Pardon me. But let me assure you… 2013 was AMAZING.

Hello Jakarta!

So I know this post is long overdue. I arrived days ago but there were tons of stuff to take care of first. Without further ado then…

April 10, 2013: I arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia sealing my fate now as one of the thousand Filipinos working abroad. I am now an OFW! Well technically not yet since my working permit is still being processed by the good folks at the Consulate. But I’m getting there.

billboard that immediately greets everyone upon going out of the airport.

My first impression with Jakarta is that it is very similar to Metro Manila in terms of appearance. At least, based on what I’ve seen from the airport to the hotel. I had a good chuckle though when I noticed that after the welcome billboard from above, the next advertising materials I saw are for the following:

  • Lotte (it was a huge billboard and yes it was for the Japanese-Korean corporation)
  • a bottled iced tea called Mirai Ocha with the tagline Ganbatte!
  • a Sakura corporation
  • Bank of Tokyo

For a second there, I thought I was in that other place which name starts with Ja- too!

Anyway, I figured out what would be my first big adventure here when I was to go home after surrendering my passport to the office the next day: TRANSPORTATION.

Unlike the Philippines and Singapore, there are no trains here. The main mode of public transportation are taxis, buses and ojeks (motorcyles). I’ve been advised that taxis are the best way to go, especially for foreigners who don’t speak Bahasa Indonesian and are not yet familiar with the place. I can say the taxi rates are more or less reasonable. What’s daunting though is the traffic. And my trip alone from airport to the hotel has proven to me that indeed, traffic in Jakarta is legendary. Traffic + taxi? Not a good combination 🙂 Not to mention Jakarta is huge! Sprawling even. And I haven’t even gotten out of the South section yet where I am based. But I’ll figure this one out in due time. I look forward to exploring every nook and cranny that this city has to offer.

It’s basically office-home for me the past few days as I wouldn’t dare venturing out without my passport with me. But yesterday, I went to Mall of Indonesia, which looked nearby on the map but apparently quite far from where I am in reality. Me and my map reading skills. Argh. However, seeing the area’s architecture brightened up my day. Yup, I can see the Dutch influence alright.


High on my priority list of places to see is Kota Tua or Old Town. Buildings from the Dutch colonial period are still intact there. Plus there are a lot of museums. Should be fun.

Until the next adventure!

The problem with that little voice inside your head is that sometimes, it just won’t shut up. That and because you’re the only who can hear it, you have no choice but to endure it on your own.

Turning Javanese

Just got my visa today so it’s definitely all systems go. Moving to Jakarta in a few days!

And yes I know my title is politically incorrect since it’s not Java, Indonesia I’m moving to but I just can’t help using the pun. In an alternate universe, that would literally be “Turning Japanese”.

Anyway, I’ve actually never been to Jakarta or anywhere in Indonesia for that matter. But now I’m to stay there for at least a year. Exciting times ahead!

All I know about Jakarta at this point are the following: it is one of the largest economies in Asia, traffic there is as bad (or maybe even worse?) than that of Manila, the country has strong historical ties to the Netherlands (hey Desi!), jrock is huge there (hello #LarukuJKT!) and their cuisine is absolutely fantastic! And have I already mentioned that jrock there is HUGE? Perhaps next time, my voice would be among the thousands who was jamming along to this song:


Holy moly, it’s already the last week of March and I’m not even halfway the 2013 Challenge prompts for the month!

“No one crumples a blank sheet of paper”

Or so said my newfound hero Frank Chimero.

In this day and age, a blank sheet of paper is akin to a blank screen. I have “crumpled” a lot of blank screens in the past weeks. Needless to say, my productivity level as far as this blog is concerned has gone haywire. I would click on “Add New” and then I would either be distracted with something else and/or be attacked by an extreme case of procrastination. Often times, I would thread ideas in my head, patching up a thought to another but when it’s finally time to lay them down, the seams unravel and I am left with scrap.

And speaking of time, lately I’ve been getting more and more awed at how…malleable it is. Not actually sure if that’s the proper word. What I’m aiming at is how time can both fly so swiftly and crawl so slowly. John Green is right. Time is a slut. Now if only I can get her to stop screwing me too.

Each minute is getting more unforgiving and it has become even more difficult to fill it up with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run.

Ting ting ting. Warning bells!

I’m starting to stress myself again.

Must think happy thoughts.

A side project I’ve started turned 11 months two days ago. In a few weeks, its first anniversary will be marked by a big event. So far, everything is falling into place. I’m proud of what it has become and much prouder of the people I’ve met because of it.

My baby niece can stand without much assistance now. I watched a concert DVD with her the other day and she was so engrossed with it. I’m already looking forward to the day I take her to lives.

Another day has ended without much fanfare. Some to-do list items remained untouched. Still, I am happy.

I have no blank screen to crumple.