Dear Guillermo del Toro, I love you

The first time I saw the trailer for Pan’s Labyrinth, I was hooked. And then I saw the movie and it had me enthralled. After that, your name was attached to a gazillion other projects, some came to fruition, most still in developmental hell. But they were all cool. Seems everything you touched turn to a fascinating piece. Heck, you even made Hellboy and Blade palatable to me.

Then you announced Pacific Rim…and my mind was blown. I had been on pins and needles for months awaiting the day I get to finally see this film. My wait will soon be over but seriously, each freakin’ teaser, every glimpse of that wondrous trailer is excruciating. Please don’t screw it up.

But it seems you’re going for the kill. I opened my news feed the other day and it was going bonkers with the news that you are working with Benedict Cumberbatch. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! Your next film will feature Sherlock himself at the lead! Needless to say, I am also in love with him.

And it was also reported that you also bagged Emma Stone for the same film. And Jessica Chastain. Plus that guy from Sons of Anarchy. Wow. Just wow. I’m already excited for Crimson Peak! Not really keen on yet another haunted house film but with this powerhouse cast, I’m in.

Here’s hoping you’ll also get to finish At the Mountains of Madness and that Justice League Dark adaption too.

Lastly, I sincerely wish to meet you in person someday. Perhaps with Benedict Cumberbatch in tow. Allow me to ride a jaeger and my soul is yours.