Must see: Museum Bank Indonesia

As promised more photos from my Kota Tua trip. Now, the visit to Museum Bank Indonesia was not really part of my plans. But I went there anyway because I was finding it difficult finding a cab (an occurrence I am very much getting used to by now) and the museum was right in front of me. Best decision ever. Not only was it mercifully air-conditioned, it was also a visual treat that came at no price.

Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No. 3
West Jakarta – Indonesia
Ph. 62-21- 2600158

Tuesday – Friday: 07.30 AM – 03.30 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM

Monday & Holiday Close

Free of Charge

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Snapshots from the Wayang Museum

Pediophobics beware 🙂

Apart from traditional wayang, the Museum Wayang Indonesia also has puppets from around the world. A set were even donated a French first lady from the 70s when she visited Indonesia.

Wayang Museum Address

Jln. Great Northern No. door. 27 Jakarta Barat 11110

Ticket Prices

Adult:     Rp. 2.000-,

Student: Rp. 1.000-,

Children – Children: Rp. 600 -,

The Big Durian at Night

While crossing the parking lot, I decided to take a quick snapshot of the skyline. It was literally point and shoot with my iPhone because a car was coming my way. When I checked the photo later, I was surprised that the street lights produced a flower-like glow.


“Spring arrives every year without fail”

Art by Yuko Shimizu for the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

I love how vibrant and whimsical this illustration is. So full of meaning. But what really drew me to it was the artist’s caption:

“No matter how long or severe the winter can be, Spring always arrives, every year without fail.”

I just find it so exhilarating that everything in my life seems to point to a new beginning.  Here’s to sustaining the momentum!

credits to Yuko Shimizu

Check out Yuko Shimizu’s other Spring themed works here.


Sculptures by the Sea (Sydney), 2009

A throwback post here. As the title suggests, these photos were taken in 2009 but I never did have the chance to put them up.

While staying in Sydney for a while, I took a liking for coastal walks. The activity took a special significance when I experienced Sculptures by the Sea, an annual outdoor exhibit featuring the works of Australian and international artists. Stunning works of art plus breathtaking views is a winning combination for me and I thoroughly enjoyed gawking at everything. The whole walk spanned Tamarama to Bondi and involved climbing stairs and steep cliffs but it was all worth it.

My only wish was that I had a better camera with me. All I had was my Nokia N73 which unfortunately had a busted battery. Nevertheless, I plan to hit Sydney again so maybe it can be timed to November when Sculptures by the Sea bless the coasts with its beauty once more.


Here’s to one year of being gallbladder free!

Yep, it’s been one year since I underwent cholecystectomy and a year and a day since my ERCP – a literally mind-numbing medical emergency. Deliriously happy to note that I am a-ok and adjusting very well. Prior to having the surgery, I was worried that I might be part of the percentage who developed complications but I had no such thing. So in celebration, I bought a chocolate mousse cake which me and my family ate together during dinner. We sharing a meal together at home seems like a once in a blue moon occurrence now so that makes today even more special.

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